Here at Holiday on my Mind we believe that comfort is an essential aspect of a holiday. We also believe that it is possible to stay in nice places without spending a fortune. In fact finding cheap but lovely holiday accommodation has never been easier.

I go on family holidays about once a year and my dad always books our accommodation through homeaway.co.uk (you don't have to live in the uk to get access to their deals) because we like to feel like home even when we are away from home and because it is a lot more convenient than booking a hotel for four people. 

In fact, homeaway.co.uk is my absolute favourite way of booking travel stays. We once stayed at a beautiful villa in rural Tuscany, another time we stayed in Provence close to the famous lavender fields, another time we stayed in the city centre of Avignon. They have literally an option to suit any type of traveller, from budget friendly villas/apartments to luxurious mansions. What about staying in Thailand for £11/night in this exotic villa or what about enjoying rural Costa Rica for £19/night? 

Another reason why I think homeaway.co.uk is great is because if you are a home owner and you want to rent a room, a house or an apartment to travellers, you can list your property for FREE without having to pay anything up front. It is quick and easy to use for everyone.

Another one of my favourites is booking.com. I use it especially when I go on city breaks so when I travel for shorter periods because you can book a room for as little as one night and make it your own by selection your options: shared room/single room, king size bed/queen size bed, breakfast included/full board/no food etc. Plenty of choice for all types of travellers.


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