Hi! I am Irina, the girl behind Holiday on my Mind. I chose this name because I am ALWAYS thinking of my next holiday. I a person of contrast. I am SUCH a dreamer and in the same time very realistic (which is why I find it so damn hard to make decisions). 

I am Romanian but I moved to England 4 years ago. Shortly after I moved to Canterbury I made friends from all over the world and became interested in knowing everything about cultures which were so different from mine. The more I learned about foreign cultures the more I wanted to go to those places and I think that’s how my passion for travelling started.

I graduated in September 2016 but I still live in England. Travel is not my full time job (YET). I work two jobs but I make sure to set aside time and money to travel which is why this is how my plans for the next few months look like:

  • I am going to Romania for a week at Easter
  • I am coming back to the UK
  • On the 1st of June I will fly to Chicago to see my boyfriend (yes, we do the long distance thing, we have been together for 3 years now).
  • We are going to go together to LOS ANGELES for a week and then I will come back to England
  • I will then fly to Romania
  • And then go to Spain for two weeks with my family.

I am pretty excited!

My pink carry on became my best friend. I live to be happy and to pursue my dreams and I hope that through my blog posts I will inspire you to do the same.


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Fort Saint Andre
I.M. Pei's Pyramid, The Louvre
Saint Marie de la Mer Beach Provence France
Lavender Festival Sault, Provence
Me at the Louvre Museum Paris
Infinity Pool
Romantic Coffee Shop
Travel advice
The Pont Michel from the Pont Neuf, Paris